About the Book Club

Our fast-paced world leaves little time for doing much for pleasure, and reading is often the first hobby to suffer.

I have always loved reading. When I was a child, books were a big part of our lives (without screens, we could get lost in a story). Reading was enjoyable!

Reading The Water Babies to my little sister back in the 1980s!

I set up The Love to Read Book Club because I wanted to rediscover my love for reading. With four children (baby, toddler, tween and teen!) and running my own business, I have little time to myself (make that zilch!) and have become a slave to my smartphone. I realized I don’t read enough for pleasure anymore. In fact, I don’t read.

I knew that complaining to my children about not reading enough and staring at screens was no good if I was doing the same. Over time, and with little time, my love of reading has turned into the chore of signing in Reading Journals and nagging my children to read just one page (please!) before they can watch telly… I expect I’m not alone! Reading is no longer about escapism or relaxation, it’s about grades and achievement.

‘Reading for pleasure is more important to children’s development than education or social class, according to The Reading Agency.’

Research has shown that children who read for pleasure will get better jobs in the future – why? Because reading opens up a world of language and vocabulary, social awareness, empathy and emotional connection. It broadens our minds, develops our creativity and gives us space away from the stresses of life, to name just some of the benefits.

Research has also shown that if a child is read to by their parent they are more likely to read for pleasure as an adult.

‘Children are made readers on the laps of their parents’ Emilie Buchwald

In short, we need to show our children that reading for pleasure is as important to our lives and wellbeing as exercise, balanced diets, financial stability, grades, and yes, even the internet and TV.

The Love to Read Book Club is open to anyone who wants an informal club that offers discussion and recommendations. It was set up initially for busy parents, especially those who, like me, could do with a bit of support and encouragement. My aim is to get you reading for pleasure… and hopefully your children will read for pleasure… and their children will read for pleasure …

There is no pressure, no high-brow discussions, no English degrees or prior experience needed – all that’s required is a book of your choice. It doesn’t matter how long or short, what subject, whether it’s old or new, anything goes!

To join, see this page.

I look forward to discovering what you’re reading!



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