Betrayed in Cornwall by Janie Bolitho


Betrayed in Cornwall by Janie Bolitho

Category: Crime / Mystery

From the Back Cover:
Rose Trevelyan is not concerned when her friend Etta does not turn up at the opening of her exhibition. When she hears the following day that a young man fell of a cliff in suspicious circumstances, Rose starts to makes connections and things start to go terribly wrong.

This was one of Hannah’s books for January as part of the #12booksin12months reading challenge.

What format did you read the book in?: Paperback

Why did you choose to read this book?: It was a gift from my husband. He chose it purely for the face that it is based in Cornwall (where I was born) and the surname of the author is the same as the farm that I grew up on. He knew nothing about the book apart from that it was a detective story.

What did you like most about this book?: I loved the fact that I could visualise all the places that were mentioned as I know them well. it felt very familiar and made me want to visit these places again.

Anything you didn’t like about this book?: The found the storyline to be fairly average – I wanted to keep reading but more to the fact of the familiarity of the setting rather than the gripping storyline! I won’t be re-reading or finding more of her books to read!

What book are you going to read next?: Girl Unknown by Karen Perry

L2R Rating: 🌟 🌟

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