My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell


My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

Category: Young adult / Children’s

From the Back Cover
Ten-year-old Gerald doesn’t know why his older brothers and sisters complain so much. With snakes in the bath and scorpions on the lunch table, the family home on the Greek island of Corfu is a bit like a zoo so they should feel right at home… Gerald joyfully pursues his interest in natural history in the midsts of an unconventional and chaotic family life – all brilliantly retold in this very funny book.

This was Corinne W’s book for January as part of the #12booksin12months reading challenge.

I’d like to start this review by stating I have NEVER done a book review in my life! I would also like to add that I barely scraped a C in my GCSE English. I say this to encourage others if they are also thinking GULP … not sure I can do this – like me! 

I chose this as my first book as I never read it at school. It was also a challenge to move away from my usual crime/thriller genre. The book is about the time the author moved from England with his family to Corfu, when he was eight years old. Gerald spends his time studying the island’s wildlife in the midst of an unconventional and chaotic family life (his mother was a saint!).

My first thought when reading it was that it would have been completely wasted on my teenage self. I would not have appreciated the wonderful vocabulary and amazing descriptions that transport you to the Greek island of Corfu. I thought the book was a masterclass in descriptive writing. Although, for me, it wasn’t a laugh out loud funny book, as some people wrote in reviews, I did find it a very ‘warm’ and lovely to read book. The crazy exploits with the animals he finds are brilliant. It’s amazing he survived it to become a famous naturalist and conservationist. Am I glad I read it – YES!”

L2R Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

You can buy this book from Amazon or borrow it from your local library. Don’t forget to share your review with us!


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