12 books in 12 months reading challenge

When I heard about the 12 books in 12 months challenge, I thought it would be the perfect way to inspire us to get lots of books read this year.

We have a growing number of regular members now who all share their reads via the blog, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What I love is that we’re all reading different things – historical, crime, thrillers, romances and everything in between.

Lots of you have expressed an interest, so this post is to introduce the challenge.

For me, it’s quite daunting to commit to read a book a month, especially if you factor in work, the kids getting ill and other commitments, but if we aim to #read415, which is achievable daily, it will at least keep us on track on the days when time is against us.

December is notoriously busy so I don’t want to add to your to-do list with more work. However, it would be good I think to plan at least the first three books you intend to read. If you can, buy them or put them on your Christmas list, so you have them to hand and it’ll keep you motivated.

I also like to decide what book I want to read after I’ve finished a book, so three books ahead seems reasonable. If you change your mind you can always move them around. The main aim is not what you read but to read a book (novel) in a month. You may even like to buddy up with a friend and read the same book.

I’ll keep posting on social media about this and check in to see how it’s going, and we can all share our progress. In your posts and comments, use the hashtag #12booksin12months

Do share this with friends, and children are welcome to join in too. I, for one, love a New Year’s challenge that means I don’t have to give anything up and the only sweat I’ll be breaking is working out how I can hide from the kids for long enough to get my reading time in!

I look forward to finding out the three books you’ve chosen to read in January, February and March!



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