The #Read415 Challenge


The Love to Read Book Club was set up to inspire people to read a book, any book, and then when they’ve finished that book, to tell their friends (and us) about it and get them reading the book, and then to read another book… you get the idea.

When you’re busy – and we don’t mean that loosely, many of us are juggling jobs, children (and their social lives), managing the home and finances, ill health, sleep deprivation and general stress – the thought of reading a book, while nice enough, can feel like another chore. If you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve read a single page and not got any further, or have books piled up by the bed nagging to be read… then you’ve lost the book love.

We want you to get that back.


Because reading books will help you cope with the stresses in your life, by giving you a chance to escape it.

Reading books will help you take a break from the screen and the world within it wanting to feed you even more information.

Reading books will show your family that you value the gift of literature and spark an interest in reading in them.

Not to mention the fact that, just like with children, reading will help to broaden your mind, vocabulary and emotional awareness.

Just like healthy eating, or a fitness routine, see reading as a way to keep your brain in shape… and you’ll be glad of it in years to come!

So, all we ask is for you to read for at least 15 minutes a day. If you did this every day, you could read 20 books in a year!

Some of you may already read every day for longer than this, but if you haven’t picked up a book in a while, this is a good place to start. Choose a book just for you – ask us on Facebook or Twitter if you need some inspiration. Fifteen minutes is the time it takes to drink a cuppa before the school run, or perhaps while waiting for your child to get changed at a club, or when waiting for the train or bus. Get into the habit of taking your book with you whenever you go out – like you do with your phone, so if the opportunity comes up you can read.

Paperback or Tablet?

Our aim is to get those books read first and foremost; however, despite the convenience of reading on a tablet, we prefer books in print. Reading a physical book is kinder to the eyes – if you’ve been staring at a computer screen all day, your eyes may tire easily by looking at another screen. Holding a book makes you aware of the fact you are reading to unwind and won’t be distracted by that online shopping you need to do or notifications. Also, other people, including our children, will be intrigued by what you’re reading and possibly influenced to read a book too – who knows what you’re looking at if it’s on a screen? There’s something calming about seeing someone reading a book, compare that to seeing someone looking intently at a smartphone… It’s not essential but is worth considering.

Just 15 minutes a day will give you enough to get something out of your reading time and will soon build up to get you into the book and enjoying it (hopefully!).

Share with us on social media whenever you read (after obviously!) with #read415


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