Holding by Graham Norton


Holding by Graham Norton

Category: Dark comedy / Crime

From the Back Cover
Few speak of what happened to Tommy Burke, or the events up at the big house. But when the land betrays a secret held deep in the ground, old rivalries, violent histories and unspoken regrets loom into view, and this once innocent seeming place must face its hidden past…

Holding is Graham Norton’s masterful debut is an intelligently crafted story of love, secrets and loss.

Kelly O says: “This is a brilliant book that took me just over a week to read, which I’m very proud of considering it was half term! It’s a fairly simple crime story set in an Irish village. Turns out that Graham Norton is a highly skilled writer, he’s certainly surprised me with this one. It’s the ideal book for snuggling under a blanket with a cuppa and can be read in short sessions so is good for reading on the go too.”

L2R Rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

I also wrote a review about Holding here.

You can buy this book from Amazon. Don’t forget to share your review with us!


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