How it Works

Books We’re Reading
This page features the books we are currently reading or have just finished. The post will provide the back cover blurb from the book, plus our members’ reviews with a rating out of 5 stars. It’ll also include a link to Amazon to buy the book and a link to any other helpful reviews (such as blog reviews).

Ratings and reviews
You don’t have to say much at all, but it would be useful for our members to know what you thought of the book you have just read and give us a star rating out of 5 (5 is I loved it, 1 is I hated it). If you are a blogger who already writes book reviews, please feel free to link up.

The Book List
This page will list all the books we’ve read and their posts so they can be referred to easily.

We love book covers and they are often a key factor in our book choices. We also love to see where other people fit in their reading time. Use your smartphone to send us a snap of your book and where you are reading it and we’ll use it on your post.

Facebook and Twitter
Follow our social media pages to engage with other readers, share your to-read list, get ideas for what to read next or share your favourite book quotes and images…


  • This is a multi-book club – so we all read what we want to read, not a prescribed book. Unless you want to buddy up with other members to read the same book.
  • We can read at our own pace – some of us may rattle through four books a month, others get through one in just a few days, it doesn’t matter. We’ll keep in touch on social media to see how you’re getting on.
  • Try to read your book every day.
  • We can read anything so long as it’s for pleasure – whether you like a racy Jackie Collins, or a gritty Ian Rankin, or something from a TV series like Poldark. You might love to read the old classics and a bit of Dickens, or you are happy when you can escape with a light and breezy chic-lit. You may have a favourite author or like to give indie authors a chance. All that matters is that you read because you want to.
  • The format doesn’t matter – you might love a paperback, or prefer to have all your books to hand on a tablet, how you read doesn’t matter, although if you want to encourage your children to read books then let them see you with a printed version as it will be the most effective.
  • There’s no deep literary debate (unless you want it!) and no previous experience required. The club is friendly and welcomes everyone!

This is an informal online book club which we hope will grow and evolve, so any feedback or ideas would be most welcome!

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