Finding Time to Read

How do you find time to read when you have children and jobs and houses to keep going?

It can seem impossible. I’ve lost count of the number of books I’ve bought only for them to gather dust. Or, I’ve started a book on a quiet weekend and then got distracted by the week ahead and have to reread what I’d read before.

Having not read much for nearly four years, when I set myself a challenge to read I knew I’d have to consciously set aside time… find time.  So, here’s how I got through my first book:

Reading just before I go to sleep is a good way to unwind. I now make a point of switching off my mobile phone and reading a few pages or more depending on how tired I am.

In the car
I’m usually rushing from one place to another, collecting my children from clubs or childcare, but occasionally I find myself waiting for them, so some days I remembered to take my book with me. Normally, I’d just sit on my phone and scroll, but this is a habit I want to change.

Putting the children to bed
If you have small children who like a bit of company at bedtime, it can give you a few minutes to catch up on reading (while you’re ignoring them and hoping they’ll drift off soon!) I find I can get a few chapters in when I’m feeding my baby before putting her to bed. Or if you’re having to sit on the stairs while the children settle, perhaps read a book rather than go on your gadgets?

In the bath
An obvious one, and it’s something I only manage to do once or twice a month (I shower daily I should add!). Having a bath is a real treat and reading a book in the bath is doubly relaxing.

In the bathroom!
Seriously?! OK, not glamorous I know, but since we’ve had children my hubby and I both use going to the loo as a chance to get a few minutes peace and quiet (I often don’t need the loo at all!).

Lunch breaks
I work for myself so I don’t have a lunch break as such, but I am trying to step away from the screen when it’s lunchtime and, if possible, read my book. It’s an amazing way to switch off for a bit and I actually feel more refreshed afterwards.

That was pretty much how I managed to read a book in a week. It’s all about remembering to do it and the more you read, the more you might find you’re enjoying reading.

What about you? Do you have a regular reading time already? Or can you see where you might fit reading into your week?

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